Solar Installation For Office




SONIK creates customized solar packages for your office after assessing the electrical load requirements.Both grid-tie and off-grid solar installations could work for offices. Grid-tie solar installation may prove to be more suitable for offices as their operational hours are usually during the day i.e. sunshine hours. However, if the offices are located in areas where the grid supply is bad or they experience frequent power cuts then off-grid solar would be the best.

4 Ways to Go for Office Solar

Grid-Tie Solar for Offices

Grid-tie system is very popular at present time. In most of the metro cities many offices work with Grid-tie solar system. this saves battery that consist of grid-tie and solar pannels. it is very helpful for saving your money on electricity bills and you can generate your own electricity with the use of solar.

Off-Grid Solar for Offices with Solar PCU

Off-grid solar is the most frequently usable solar power system by offices in India. It is good for those arreas that face powercuts frequently as it allows you to save extra solar energy in batteries for use during powercuts. Solar PCU-off-grid solar inverter, which has an inbuilt solar charge controller, is an important part of any off-grid solar installation.

Converting Ordinary Inverter and Battery into Solar System

With SONIK solar charge controllers, you can convert any ordinary inverter or battery into solar power system.

Solar DC System for Offices

This system is the most cheapest and efficient way to go solar for offices. Grid-tie and off-grid systems convert DC generated by solar panels into AC because all electrical appliance can run only on AC. Whereas, SONIK DC system comes with LED Lights, fans and TV that can run directly on DC. It also has battery to save solar energy for later use.